There is no point at which you can say, "Well, I'm successful now. I might as well take a nap."

2nd May 2010

The day was beautiful and special, but nothing seemed like special. Yesterday my returned from his tour of 20 days and since it was Sunday, he was enjoying it.

2nd May 2010, my sister’s birthday.Everyone in the house was in a good mood.Though it was a special day, but it was going like a Sunday so I can’t say whether things were really special or not.Like everyday I sat on my computer to write my blog,my dad, all of a sudden appeared before me, took the mouse from my hand and started reading the My Family page of this blog.He read it completely, and those who have read it (it has been deleted now) know the content.I don’t know why he misunderstood my words but it hurt him like somebody stabbed a sharp knife in his heart.

I had written both good as well as bad but of course with my bad luck what I had expected happened.He  could notice only the bad things….they were not exactly bad i wrote just with the intentions of being very frank and didn’t think of its side effects….

And since that day…this life seems to me like hell.Everything went wrong.I am not mentioning what all happened to me otherwise even that can lead to something worse than that…but that day I decided of quitting blogging.

But its me..Shruti.I never give up..this is something I like about me a lot always .So today I sat again and I am writing this post for all those who think may be I learnt a lesson, which I didn’t…

Three cheers for me coming back and my spirit of writing….





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