There is no point at which you can say, "Well, I'm successful now. I might as well take a nap."

Jhonny,the fifth member of my family, is no more with us.Finally, mom left him today.

Mom got him from her evening walk on, February 1st.When we saw him for the first time, we were just scared of him, as we carrying him. We initially didn’t make any remark of him and asked her casually about what’s there in the bag, and she said dog. We thought she must be joking and then opened the bag and found him. Shocked to see him, we shouted at the top of our voice. But we had to accept that mom is serious about keeping him and so there was no other way. He had a deep wound on his neck and was very dirty with so many insects on his body, so my mom kept him in a carton through which he couldn’t come out and gave him a bowl full of milk. As soon as the plate was on the floor the milk from it vanished to his stomach and then we gave him the other plate, the same happened with the second and finally we had to stop after giving him the fourth time as he was over. The next morning mom took him to the vet nary and got his wound treated and the rest of the day passed, the same way as last evening. Drinking milk, peeing every where and doing no.2 too. He was then shifted to the small place below the TV rack, and he loved that place so much that he only came out of it for the food and when there was natures call. He grew up and started moving out, surveying the house and also season was getting hotter and also he was growing so he  avoided sleeping in that closed area and came out and slept on the floer.We all loved him as much as we love other members of our family and  I was no more scared of taking him in my hands, he was so soft that you won’t feel like removing your hand from him and when he laughed (we interpret so, when we giggled him) he looked as the most beautiful dog I have ever seen.

Now he is around five months old,he used to climb on the bed, move everywhere in the house and of course now his diet has changed he only eats rice and milk with cashew nuts powder spread over it or chicken, in beverages he loved tea, and only cold water. He also used to eat salad and raw green vegetables and soybeans. And for sleeping if AC is on, bedroom is fine or else bathroom with all time AC. He bathed twice everyday, actually my mom used to make him do so and he has got some after bath effect he gets so much excited that he runs with full speed all over the house climbs here and there. And when it comes to barking he is a true dog , barks with his full energy. He got  more and more demanding everyday.

But these things never mattered much.What we, actually my parents, don’t like about him is, he barks a lot  that to on family members,may be he has fot some problem with his sight or memory, he doesn’t allow mom to wash him and is always eager to go out,in fact doesn’t eat anything also ,never does potty and pee in the toilet and always in the bedroom.Such things really irritated my mother.After all how much she can do?She already cared for him like his own son,but how would he understand my mothers love for him.So today morning when I woke up my dad told me that mom has gone to leave him where she found him.Just got a shock but could not say anything because it was her who was in trouble with him all of us just enjoyed and never cared for the troubles which he gave to mom.So I didn’t speak anything and waited for my mom to return.She came back and said,”no use,he followed me and reached the building before me.But I am not going to bring him back.Let him stay there I don’t care.”You wont believe.I was so so so happy to hear that at least he will be near me .I immediately went down the building to see him.He was there playing with other stray dogs and he was so much lost in playing that he didn’t want to come back to home with me,it sort of hurt me but not too much so after looking at him I came back to my place.And started writing this page.

After half an hour my mom asked me to go down and get some vegetables,I saved the draft and went down to the shop as soon as I cam into Johnny’s sight he jumped at me and started climbing over me.Immediately I took him in my hands and tears came out of my eyes and started  coming out as if somebody opened the tap of tears in my eyes.I took him to the bathroom bathed him and behind me my mother was asking,”what happened?why are you crying?”I couldn’t say anything.She said,”you go and buy the vegetables ,I will clean him up.”Finally, I got relief and when I was back from the shop he was neat and clean,sleeping nicely.

I cant imagine how the days would have been without him.He is very sweet and I love him a lot.And never let him go,ever.

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