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My 1st day out….

It was for the first time, I went out with my friends, in my 17 years and also It was also for the first time, I lied to my parents and went out with my friends. The lying part is not new; the new thing is lying and going out with the friends.

Actually we had to take admission forms from various colleges, but a day before the decided day, i.e on 26th May 27, 2010, we realized that there is some festival…I guess Buddha Purnima on 27th May, so on that account, the colleges will remain closed. But plan was already made and I wanted an excuse to go out with my friends. I have already turned them down many times, when they had asked me to come with them. But this time everything was set, I had already asked my parents and they had allowed me…to take the form. So after lots of planning and considering all the factors like timing, excuses for coming late and places to go, our plan was completely set. I moved down from my home toward Churchgate and my friends, Sam, Raj and Nina, they moved from Colaba. We all met at the station at nine o’ clock and moved toward the Marine drive. Raj had his camera, I asked him for it. It was a latest Sony camera a…I don’t remember the model so leave it. We took pictures while walking on the seats along the coast sometimes me and Raj then me and Nina, then Sam and Nina etc…I realized my photos were not coming good when my hair was tied so I removed the clip and let it fall open, then pictures came brighter than actually I am but it was too hot, so I tied back my hair. From there, we took the bus for Hanging Garden. The name sounds so beautiful and exciting and I was so excited to see something like Hanging Garden. But when we reached it was nothing else than a wide spread Garden. All full of beautiful flowers with different shades of color. There were animal shaped grown henna shrubs. Some of them were…Giraffe, Horse, peacock, etc. One was of Hanuman Ji too. It was morning 10 o’ clock so garden was very empty only a few people, actually all old people were there, taking a stroll in the garden. And some of the couples, sitting below the sheds made to sit. We took a round of the Garden and in between came a water tank where we washed our faces, freshened up ourselves and started moving ahead. We reached the gate from where we had entered and then Nina said.”I am feeling thirsty.”I gave her my bottle and after her, all of had a sip and finally the bottle was empty.

“Let me fill it up, we still have other places to go.”I handed over my purse to her and ran to the water tank .When I turned back after filling the bottle I saw them (my friends) coming toward me, we met near a small exit and there was a bench and we sat there before leaving.

“Where are we going to go now?” Nina asked in a tired tone .The boys didn’t say anything and we waited for there reply. After five minutes they said,” would you like to see the Shoe house?”

“Where is it?” I asked in a very uninterested way. Sam pointed out in his left and I could see a huge shoe there. I got so happy and said “chalo chalo cahalo chalo”. We all moved towards the entrance of the Garden, the Shoe house garden. At the gate, Nina bought some chips for all of us. We entered the shoe and clicked the photographs. Besides the shoe, there were other things to see to like, we could see the chow patty from the garden and it was so beautiful like to see a sea from the sky, colorful boats, huge buildings along the coast of the sea, just so natural. We started moving the other side of the garden and reached the sunflowers, the beautiful yellow sun facing huge flowers .We had pictures with them and then after all the play with the flowers we sat there on the bench to decide what’s next. Nothing was coming to the mind, nothing. All of got really frustrated, we even called our friends but the names they suggested were too expensive and some of them were too late for us now. So finally I said,” lets go to some mall, no sun, all AC, there we will eat something and get back to our place”…after few seconds I realized I wanted to go to a beach so I said,” okay, lets go the chowpatty first then to the mall.”We took the bus and got down at the beach. There we had so much fun, we played with water made pictures on sand, took photographs. Nina was the happiest person to be there I guess, she was enjoying it so much .The sun was on the head but it didn’t matter at all, except for when we had to walk bare foot on dry sand. We got into the water up to our knees. All of a sudden a huge wave came and wetted us up till our waist. All the sand entered inside the body and it started itching, but when fun is waiting you, nothing matters, we still enjoyed ourselves and when we realize it is getting late for the mall, we were finally over and moved towards the small stalls to full our stomach as none of us had breakfast in the morning, and to dry up ourselves. We ordered two plates pawbhaji.I and Nina shared in one plate and Sam and Raj in the other. After finishing, Nina and Sam had a gola, sort of Ice cream without cream and only ice, colored one. And then we took taxi for Churchgate. There Raj took out cash from the ATM and Sam bought the tickets for Lower Parel. As we sat in the train, call came from Raj’s house.

“Where are you Raj”, his dad asked.

“I am near Jai Hind colleges dad “, Raj replied almost scared, and due to some network problem the phone disconnected. Afraid that his dad is somewhere near Churchgate he called up his brother to ask, again his dad picked up the call.

“Dad, can I talk to bhaia please?”,as he said this, a train passed from our side making the thad thad sound but his dad didn’t notice I guess, and passed the phone to his brother and then,

Bhaia is everything okay?”, he asked, panicked.

“Ya everything is fine, you don’t worry. I will handle if anything gets wrong, enjoy yourself”, his brother replied .Raj thanked and cut the phone and in that mean time we reached Lower Parel. We walked down the station; a book stall came across the way, and guess what???

I saw Twilight …my favorite book. I asked him the price he said,”Rs 150” .I didn’t have time to bargain so I said I will take it while returning.

We reached the mall, roamed and saw everything and finally when our stomach started answering, we looked for Mc D. But when we entered, it was so full. We came out and searched some other places. We reached Subway, the food shop, even that was so much full and then moved to Dommino’s, again, no empty table for four. With frustration, Sam said, “lets go back to Mc D once again”, and luckily we got a table at the corner of the room. I and Nina rested there while boys got the food. We had a burger and a float coke each. There also we clicked two three pictures and when we came out of the shop we saw Mr. Mc Donalds (a muse) sitting on a long bench. We clicked pictures with him turn by turn. And finally moved toward the station.As we got to the book stall I asked the man for the book. He gave it in my hand and said,” Madam Rs.100.” I started bargaining it for Rs.70. He was not agreeing, finally Nina spoke, we will buy two book, give it in 80 each. After exchanging ten arguments, finally he agreed, we got our books and moved to the station. I took my train for Dadar and said good byes to my friends.

This is how I spent my day, my first day out with my friends with so much fun, just unforgettable.

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