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The start of an Engineer like me

Yesterday, I went to my dad’s office, and met his engineer friends. One of his friends and I had a great talk. Here is the piece of that conversation.

Uncle:” So, what is the reason of taking engineering? What is your main goal/aim ?”

Me: “A……….aise hi. There is no such goal or aim. I just want to be an engineer that’s it.”

Uncle: “A person never does anything without any reason. Why did you just choose engineering? ”

Me: (Still wondering what to say, finally spoke)…”because I had science at my +1 level” : P

Uncle: (He gave a crooked smile. I could make it my answer sounded him really funny) …Okay, but why engineering? You could have taken BSc , BCA or any other course .

Me: (Tried to find another stupid answer and replied)… “Ya, I could have chosen that but, engineering has got bright future.”

Uncle: “What bright future. See I am an engineer and still hammer the nails myself.”

Me: (Tried to find the answer and replied as it struck me)…”You may be hammering the nails but you are getting a good package for that.”  :/

Uncle: (Another unsatisfied smile and switched to another question) …”So, which branch are you going for?”

Me: Instrumentation (Only question of which I had the answer)

Uncle: What is Instrumentation? (Another mind doodling question for me)

Me :( I tried to recall what other had told me about instrumentation)…”its like…you know instruments we use,” In between he kept his “WHATs “ continuously…and I kept answering that “WHAT “….”its like, the things we use in laboratories , like thermometer, voltmeter. (And finally clueless…) added beaker.

Uncle :( Immediately) Huh!! Beaker has got no relation with Instrumentation. Sir pe maro, beaker tutega, sar futega ,khun bahega and kaam khatam .

Me: I could just make a 😛 And he started again,”Instrumentation is about controlling….measuring the things which we cannot…………….

Finally I realized, “Damn, I do not know anything about what I am going to do.” As I returned home, I opened Google, typed Instrumentation and clicked on

Instrumentation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So, this is the start of my engineering. Pheeeeew 😉

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