There is no point at which you can say, "Well, I'm successful now. I might as well take a nap."

Whats going on with me ;)

I am given half an hour!!

In that I cant write everything just whats going on !!!

I left facebook and joined twitter.. Its a lot better that facebok for a person like me.. who always have somethingin her mind. But since net is not all the time with me.. I miss twitter a lot, its my new best friend, I believe technology is far better than humans, no complaints, no demands, jealousy and other problems, actually its a way to convince myself that I could never make a best friend… yeah… Something has gone wrong with me…. I am not able to live happily… too smile.. I am feeling like a coward, I know I am already one but still.. 😦 .. always sad sad….. will recover soon or try to.. atleast.. rest of the things are like…

Ya really sad that a show based on twilight has nothing like  it…. already its so unpopular and now this show is adding its contribution….

and besides this… internals got over and from 29 november semester is starting. before that .. from 10th november submissions.. too busy… I dont know why I chose engineering.So many interesting things happen which I like to see and ponder upon.. but this life …. 😦

Ya I am missing blogging too…. this is the best way to express my views.. and nowdays I feel like ….my head will burst if I dont share my thoughts, but there is no way… kya kare.. thats why.. Twitter…its the best.. I like it..

Catch you all later guys.. sry for not writing frequently 🙂

Take care see you soon.. 🙂

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