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IPL Moments ;-)

Array!!!!!!!!!! Mazaa aa gaya !!

What more do you want. You get an IPL ticket worth Rs 700 for FREE… you get to see YUVRAJ SINGH (Man of the world Cup tournament) :* :* and you see his team WINNING !!!!!

Pune warriors ……………..Pune Warriors………………..Pune Warriors!!!

Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to see Yuvraj..The Yuvraj, aabhi tak wishwas hi nahi ho raha hai… Kya match tha yaar, right from the run for tickets to all the way to home…each and every moment is just unforgettable: P Starting se batati hu kya hua… match nahi, IPL ki story 😛 😛 match to dekha na TV pe ??? nahi dekha to mai kya karu..I saw it in statdium Yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! Okay, right from 1.30 pm till 5.30 pm, I was running for the tickets, begging the office staff…teen ticket dila do …teen ticket dila do…hamare college ka stadium hai na, isliye we get free tickets 😛 bus haath nahi aata, ye seniors… I tell you 😛 ultimately, senior ne hi thoda help kia to mila..Thankyou Thankyou 😛

My Gosh!! Itna request to maine apne life me apne papa se bhi nahi kia for anything jitna uss senior ko kia.Uske mai hamesha yaad rahungi, pura college khali ho gaya, fir bhi office me ghuske, “Sir ticket Dila Do na . “ Yaad rahega,after all free ka ticket chahiye to itna to karna hi padega na 😛 :P…Subha se itna rumors, yaha ticket mil raha hai , waha ticket mil raha hai…kya bhaagam bhaag tha college me…ek classmate to sidha chancellor k room me ghuske, “ Mujhe apne family k saath match dekhna hai, I want tickets.” Chancellor bhi, without any argument, opened his drawer and gave him 5 tickets, If I would have known, I too would have gone to him, But I got to know about this Ram Kahani, after getting the tickets : P.

Finally at 5.30 , I got one for myself and tab jaake shaanti mili….huh…mazaa aa gaya. After that, me and my three other friends, Pushpali, Yash and Anvita moved to the gloomy canteen, which had only paw bhajis and fried rice worries, bhuke pyaase ko to kuch bhi chalta hai 😛 . Pure ek ghante baithke khana khaya, juice piya, photo khicha…and relax kia..At 6.30, we realized bag bhi rakhna hai, they won’t let us in otherwise…Freak, only one hour to go and bag rakhne ka koi thikana nahi, nearby friends ka phone hi nahi lag raha, as usual, zarurat k wakt saare networks ya to busy ho jaate hai ya fail ho jaate hai, after 20 minutes, Srinath, our angel…Oh God Shree, anything for you would be less. You know he ran for our tickets, he already had got tickets for his family, but wo hamare liye since 11.30 am stood in a so called line which was never giving the tickets…but ultimately, he arranged it for yash and Anvita…wo aisa hi hai…completely selfless,ever ready, just unbelievable human on this earth he is just amazing …Shree there is no way to thank you …truly man, words are getting over and I am still not tired 😛 Okay what happened is, he got his car and we kept our bags in his car and now everything was fine. Since we had arranged tickets from different places, our seats were different, mine was at the top level…nice view…But where’s the fun without friends. Again Srinath, did something and brought me down along with the other friends, now we were all together, Yash Anvita, Shree, Me, Bhushan , and some new friends whom I befriended there itself .hahaha….. And the match began, freak…1st ball pe the guy got OUT and that’s when I learnt what DUCK means..and yeah I didn’t even know that there is something called spidercam..Something like that, and that we have cameras and mikes in the middle wicket and the batting direction changes after every over,biggest of all, just 10 minutes before I got to know Kochis are in Orange color 😛 shameless..its humiliating and funny …All I knew was Yuvraj is somewhere in the field,once people where shouting , “Murli, Murli.” I was like,” Ye Murli, hai kaunse team me? Mai bhi chillau kya?”Gosh!! That’s when I realized, I have nil knowledge of cricket…This was my First Stadium Cricket match Experience…You know, mera sapna tha, full life me ek baar to stadium me baithke match dekhna hi hai..and tab to kya baat hai jab stadium college ka ho, free ticket mile, har saal ye sapna pura hoga…atleast iske liye I will never regret getting into RAIT, waise bhi koi fark nahi padta, earlier I was neutral, now I have a plus point. That’s all 😛 Yeah and the DJ !!!!!!! Damn rocking music, guess what they played Tonight I am Loving You once , its one of my favorite tracks from Enrique :* :*…

It was just like icing on the cake,Yuvi playing, Enrique in ears.. Ooo. :* but they stopped it at 10.00 pm, what the hell, when a cricket match is going on, no one sleeps, I know, why the hell no music, it got really boring, we were also on the verge of losing the match, but UTTAPPA aaya and 2 sixes….OOOOO.. mazaa aa gaya 😛 and tab jake we all got a bit of energy and cheered the team ..And Finally Pune won.. YUVI’S team… bus ek regret rahega, Camera ne ek bhi baar hamare taraf focus nahi kia, I had a message for YUVI — MARRY ME :p

Jaane do :-/ Hehe, Shree was supporting Kochi, hahaha..people behind us, too cool… when Kochi was winning, Kochi Kochi…when Pune won… Pune Pune.. Pune.. they even took out 10 to 50 Rs. 100 notes, showed it to the cameraman so that he would focus on us…but there was another comment from the backside, “ Aye Corruption, Anna Hazaaare ….“ , Kitna mazaa aaya re. In one match, I got addicted to it, I feel like watching the next matches too.. control karna padega :-/ too difficult, but karungi… Ooo.. there are so so so many stuffs to mention…I told you na, each and every moment is great. Finally, the match got over at 11.30 pm …Hahaha.. trains band, no buses directly for home…ghar kaise jayenge ye to socha hi nahi, bus match dekhne baith gaye 😛 😛 Uska bhi arrangement hua, Bhushan and Yash other sweet friends, took really very good care of us girls, dropped us girls at proper stop, kept calling till we reached our home. And Thanks to Bhushan, who could havegone in any bus, but waited till we got our bus ( I AM JEALOUS OF YOU ALL, HOW THE HELL CAN YOU GUYS BE SO GOOD, SAARE POONYA KHUD HI KAROGE TO HAM KAISE MAHAAN BANEGE, LEAVE SOMETHING FOR US TOO :p )…but…or kia thoda jhol jhal.. idhar se udhar gaye…finally reached home at 2.30 am.

Mummy kuch nahi boli, unke batake gayi thi 😛 😛 , and kuch relatives bhi the na, to no tension…my throat is almost jammed, badi mushkil se awaz nikal rahi, kal test hai…maths and chem….pata nahi kya likhungi…I want to sleep again I still haven’t recovered…

Pune Warriors… Awwwwweeee YUVI IPL … Its Awesome 😛 😛 Stadium me jaake ek baar to match dekho… bada mazaa ata hai… you will feel the difference 😛 Array haa.. cheer leaders… they were Super Hot 😉

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