There is no point at which you can say, "Well, I'm successful now. I might as well take a nap."

My Treasured Friends


It had been almost four weeks since we had talked. I decided to message her, though I never initiate a message conversation. After exchanging around five to six messages, we stopped.

I am talking of my closest school friends. I thought lets dedicate a post to Friendship day. Here it goes.

Last time I met my school mates was 25th June, kind of a small reunion. It wasn’t as interesting and fun as all of us expected. Nobody is guilty for that.

I think it is very natural, once we separate from our old friends and get a new environment; we slowly start losing contacts with them. That day also, though we were very excited to see each other, when we met, we could hardly exchange 100-200 hundred words. I mean all of us miss each other like hell and that’s true, but when we meet or talk to phone, we have no topic to discuss. Because our environment has changed, we can’t talk of common things and thus the conversation is not long lasting. I admit that I don’t message people everyday or end it quickly if I do but one of the reasons behind this is I don’t know what to ask them besides ‘How are you’, ‘how is your studies’ etc. etc. It really upsets me. I know I love them, I don’t want to let them go, but on the other hand, I have nothing to stop them too…

I hate this thing…this silence, when we want to talk but have nothing. I miss my old school days when we never wanted the last bell to ring because there was so much to talk.

I miss talking for half an hour under the tree outside the school and at the end, we will continue this tomorrow. Now, all we talk is about our results, college mates, how much we miss each other and…nothing. That’s all we talk about.

But there are few things of which we are crazy and don’t fail to do when we gather, and these are: to remind each other to bring make up material before meeting, and after meeting, photography and some more photography and yeah… admire each other about how much we have changed to better and after reaching home, texting and popping out of the chat box to upload the pictures soon. Once these are done, here comes the GAME OF WORDS (tagging and commenting) …it goes to thirty-forty, even more…

And that’s the most excellent part of any meeting of ours.

So friends, no matter we talk to not, we will surely come for photo shoots!!!

I love you all …and I know you all love me too…

You do Na?? ?

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