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To Rissy

This post is dated 22 March 2011 and is 100% genuine.


You know I am too tired to write this but before the wave of emotions slide back…I want to engrave it for ever and ever and also a good excuse for updating my blog.  By now, I have listened to the audio for 6 times… I know it’s too much, but I can’t help it… it’s always a pleasure to listen good things about oneself 😉

Let’s come to the point now…

Let me begin from the beginning for those who still haven’t got any clue of what I am talking…: P

Dearest Rissy,

The audio really made my day. You know when you took out the cell phone with cords I started wondering if you have recorded ED (Engineering Drawing) notes, because you usually use your cords for notes and not music. But when I asked you and you said, “No”, then I thought how can YOU think of music that to right in the second lecture 😛 😛 …and when you offered me the cord, I thought, apne sath sath mujhe bhi padhayegi 😛 😛 … I didn’t even expect it would be anything like this and as you started ( in the audio ), my pulse rate increased, because I usually keep myself away from emotional things, I don’t like showing my sentiments because I really don’t know how to put them up in a descent way. But before I could do anything, tears had filled my eyes and you know the rest…it was simply heart touching, I too feel the same for you all, its just I cant express it :-/

(Today was, OOPS!! Is still, Rissy’s birthday, her 19th birthday… and technically we should give her presents, though  opposite happened, she gave us all a delightful return gift.)

Rissy, I did go to the market yesterday to buy something for you. But I didn’t find anything that you would really appreciate, then I thought of treating  you with Chinese Bhel , but you know that Juinagar-Nerul  confusion… wo bhi nahi de pai :-/ Anyway your gift is due, will give you as soon as I find anything appropriate for you.

(The return gift is the main topic here. Rissy had recorded in her own voice what we, all her friends, did for her and how important we are in her life. She has mentioned even the smallest of smallest things. And it’s really really sweet. )

Rissy, you started the communication and a communication cycle completes only when the sender receives a feedback. (Communication Skills)…The way you didn’t say to me directly, I am too replying in a very formal way…

You have called me wonderful, selfless and blah blah…Its very kind of you, I am just flattered .But you didn’t understand me properly I guess. I help you and never argue or just say nothing when you guys finish my Tiffin because, that’s what I like, I always want to keep my friends and others happy…I take life very lightly, I find joy and fun when I see others enjoying. That’s where my pleasure is to see my friends smiling …so if you see from that perceptive, I am selfish and I am good only to you, I don’t know what others have to say about my friendship with them and I have also broken many hearts .I don’t find myself as good as you have made me. . In fact, your words reminded me of the times when I left you alone, when I hurt you (if I did, I don’t remember any). You have made me more conscious now, you know I have to take care of each and every step I take, just to not alter your thoughts for me, its very difficult for me now to be around you, since I have realized that you notice each and every thing we do 😛 but you are one of my closest friends and I will try my best to keep aside what all remarks you have made or else I will end up showing off too much.  But you gathered a lot of courage to say all that stuff and also I don’t want to ruin your effort for recording …so, thanks for all the adjectives. I am sorry if I ever, ever hurt you or disappoint you or just prove you wrong in future. It was just too overwhelming (Its an honest feedback, don’t consider it diplomatic, OKAY J )…By the way, don’t expect me to concentrate and work hard in studies because I would disappoint you there. You asked us to tell or “Bura” stuffs about you, right? Here we go!!!

Rissy, I have been with you from the past…at least  8 months and all I have realized is, you are all about studies, you are very smart and intelligent,  but you don’t have time to show it though its very clear to everyone, and also you just underestimate yourself. You are an amazing girl. Simple, kind, patient, generous and anything… I say would be less, you are just incredible, only piece on this earth.. We always ask you to bunk lectures but it’s because of you, that we are able to finish maximum of our syllabus. I just love the way you teach or explain things. You know you are so good at this job that a person can completely rely on you, without referring any book or even professor (no wonder, you can never rely on professors).

What else??? You are very sweet Rissy, You are one of my closest friends till today. Actually all my friends are equally special so I can’t say anything which would make you feel different from the rest. I leave this for Divya, Pushpali and Yogita :P… really sorry L

Just keep in mind that you are very very special for me and I am always there for you, anytime, every time J I have plenty of other things to write, but that’s a surprise ;). You will have to wait for few months. And ya, the beads, they are really working I guess, Thanks a lot for them. Thanks for encouraging me and motivating me when I am low. J

If I missed anything, you will find it soon but not now, later.

With Regards and Happy Birthday Once Again…

Your Stupid Friend


Remember forever 😉


Such a monotonous letter, had to take help for synonyms, I don’t know much…MS WORD really rocks!!!

Okay now, Goodnight Sweet dreams

If I have made any mistake, I am really sorry.

Couldn’t upload the audio due to some format problem. :-/




Its The Mobile Thing !!

To my Dad….

Really sorry for making it too late.. laziness you know.. 😛

That very day, I read one of my friend’s status on Facebook ,”Santas really don’t exist.Its either  your parents or your elder brother/sister.” No doubt, he was 100% right, but so what if they are our parents, we just care about the gifts and not who it was and where he came from…

I too got one of my costliest, precious and  best gift  that evening…from my dad, my new cell phone Nokia X6, worth 14,550 bucks!!

I can’t believe, it all happened so damn easily.

Friday,24th December,it as 8’o clock and I was still on bed. Dad comes,” Which cell phone do you want?”. Me totally shocked, how all of a sudden , right in the morning before I could open my eyes, was it possible.It took  a nanosecond to check if I was dreaming. And Dad was standing right next to my bed and Mom along with him. I said, ” Nokia N8″. Yeah, I know it’s too costly, but I knew they were just teasing me and would never get me a cell phone other than.. kiddie.. Micromax !! So, I didn’t mind saying NokiaN8. Then Dad, moving out of my room to the living room,'” check out its price on net and let me know. “I still couldn’t believe whatever was happening, I checked the price on net immediately and told him,” 25,000 bucks”.

“Check out another.”

“There is Nokia c6,”18,ooo, and there are many Dad, I need to go to the showroom and check out the other models.”

I knew its all gonna go in vain.. this searching and stuff, but still I was loving it, maybe because I still had some hope or maybe we were talking about my urgently needed gadget.

“They are too costly, I wont give you anything other than Micromax. Whats wrong about it? It has same features and is cheap as well.”

Here we go, All hopes trashed, I jumped back to my bed, put myself inside the blanket and shouted,”Nothing other than Nokia, and Micromax.. N.E.V.E.R.”

“Then forget it, If you are stubborn, so am I, Micromax, or else buy whatever you want when you will earn for yourself.”

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

In the evening, at 3.40 p.m ,Dad hadn’t returned yet from shopping, me worried, called him.” Where are you?”

“We are in The Mobile Store, checking out cell phones for you, which one did you say you wanted?”

I didn’t know what to speak,” a…Nokia c6-01″

The salesman prompted behind him,” This model hasn’t come to India yet and it wont be launched here.”

Dad,”Do one thing I gotta leave tomorrow, so you come with your mom and get the cell.”

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀  😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Now, I was sure I am going to get a cell phone. Dad reached home at six in the evening.

Me,”Dad, I want to buy it in your presence, with you.”

“Okay then, get ready let’s get you a cell phone, I have to do the packing also.”

Oh My God, I can’t express how I  was feeling that very moment, as if my whole   started malfunctioning. high pulse rate, happiness, smile that I couldn’t hide..,everything around me was appearing extremely beautiful ..blah blah….I am gonna get my cell phone..

Reached Nokia Priority Dealer, checked out the cell phone and finally made the payment for Nokia X6.

Dad,”If you lose it or misuse, forget the cell forever, you know why things are taken away from you, you don’t care about them properly.”

“Dad, I promise you wont get a single chance to scold me for this cellphone.”

After Feeling:

Now I had my cell phone but the thoughts were exactly opposite of the thoughts that I had before owning it.

Why did he get me such a costly cel phone?

Will I be able to take care of it properly?

I am so bad,my dad had to give up for me.Obviously he loves me so much that he didn’t mind giving it,but me,I don’t love him as much as he does, that’s why I stuck to Nokia…

All these emotions brought tears in my eyes, which I really had to hide…I didnt want the cell phone any more….I loved my dad, It was so hard to enjoy the moment of getting what you wanted…It was more of …what I had realised.

Thanks Dad..I know will never-never be able to pay back you for whatever you have done, you do and will do…but I love.. ❤ ❤


EEEWWWW… too emotional…. 😛

Stupidity !!

Another step towards stupidity!!

Participated in BT Freshface 2010

And need votes !!

Here is the link..

You wont be able to vote if you dont have an itimes account.. and I know people are too lazy to make an account.. sorry for the trouble but do make an account and vote 🙂


Thank you..

Whats going on with me ;)

I am given half an hour!!

In that I cant write everything just whats going on !!!

I left facebook and joined twitter.. Its a lot better that facebok for a person like me.. who always have somethingin her mind. But since net is not all the time with me.. I miss twitter a lot, its my new best friend, I believe technology is far better than humans, no complaints, no demands, jealousy and other problems, actually its a way to convince myself that I could never make a best friend… yeah… Something has gone wrong with me…. I am not able to live happily… too smile.. I am feeling like a coward, I know I am already one but still.. 😦 .. always sad sad….. will recover soon or try to.. atleast.. rest of the things are like…

Ya really sad that a show based on twilight has nothing like  it…. already its so unpopular and now this show is adding its contribution….

and besides this… internals got over and from 29 november semester is starting. before that .. from 10th november submissions.. too busy… I dont know why I chose engineering.So many interesting things happen which I like to see and ponder upon.. but this life …. 😦

Ya I am missing blogging too…. this is the best way to express my views.. and nowdays I feel like ….my head will burst if I dont share my thoughts, but there is no way… kya kare.. thats why.. Twitter…its the best.. I like it..

Catch you all later guys.. sry for not writing frequently 🙂

Take care see you soon.. 🙂

You can follow me on twitter at

No Time.. Really Busy !!

Hello 🙂

Hmm… actally college has started and I am not getting time to sit and update my blog.. I am really missing it, but I cant do anything… studies really needs a lot of time and I cant spare time for blogging. really sorry readers but as soon as my 1st semester gets over, I will be back… with lots more..

Till then take care 🙂

Miss you WordPress and Dear Readers 🙂

The start of an Engineer like me

Yesterday, I went to my dad’s office, and met his engineer friends. One of his friends and I had a great talk. Here is the piece of that conversation.

Uncle:” So, what is the reason of taking engineering? What is your main goal/aim ?”

Me: “A……….aise hi. There is no such goal or aim. I just want to be an engineer that’s it.”

Uncle: “A person never does anything without any reason. Why did you just choose engineering? ”

Me: (Still wondering what to say, finally spoke)…”because I had science at my +1 level” : P

Uncle: (He gave a crooked smile. I could make it my answer sounded him really funny) …Okay, but why engineering? You could have taken BSc , BCA or any other course .

Me: (Tried to find another stupid answer and replied)… “Ya, I could have chosen that but, engineering has got bright future.”

Uncle: “What bright future. See I am an engineer and still hammer the nails myself.”

Me: (Tried to find the answer and replied as it struck me)…”You may be hammering the nails but you are getting a good package for that.”  :/

Uncle: (Another unsatisfied smile and switched to another question) …”So, which branch are you going for?”

Me: Instrumentation (Only question of which I had the answer)

Uncle: What is Instrumentation? (Another mind doodling question for me)

Me :( I tried to recall what other had told me about instrumentation)…”its like…you know instruments we use,” In between he kept his “WHATs “ continuously…and I kept answering that “WHAT “….”its like, the things we use in laboratories , like thermometer, voltmeter. (And finally clueless…) added beaker.

Uncle :( Immediately) Huh!! Beaker has got no relation with Instrumentation. Sir pe maro, beaker tutega, sar futega ,khun bahega and kaam khatam .

Me: I could just make a 😛 And he started again,”Instrumentation is about controlling….measuring the things which we cannot…………….

Finally I realized, “Damn, I do not know anything about what I am going to do.” As I returned home, I opened Google, typed Instrumentation and clicked on

Instrumentation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So, this is the start of my engineering. Pheeeeew 😉

Mom is coming back!!

Just one week for her to come and then I will be the same again.
Yes, mom is coming back from the village. But the moments I captured in these three months and the coming are going to be some of the bestest moments of my life.

Let me start from the very first day she left.

She left at seven, in the morning, and just to make our day comfortable she woke up at four, and prepared breakfast as well as lunch, for all five of us, my johnny, my pet, included. So caring. The rest of the day was easy for me, no work to do but as the sun set down the, my duty started, starting with sweeping the whole house, then to light a wick in front of God. These things I used to do even in her presence, but only when she asked for it, but today, I had to do everything for myself. Then came the real duty, to cook dinner,  aahhhh….I tried my best to cook nicely but my very less experience in cooking  at last lead to half cooked food. My dad didn’t even eat properly, he just ate two chapattis whereas he eats five, and that was really embarrassing. 😦

The next morning was a really new day for me. I got up right at six-thirty whereas I usually get up at eight or nine during holidays. My sister was still sleeping, her vacations were going on and I didn’t want to ruin it, by asking her to get up, just to help me and anyway…I was more free than her now, I had nothing to do, after 12th, nothing to study, just waiting for result to come and I don’t think that needs any kind of effort, though you need a lot internally, to prepare yourself for the shock!!!Anyway, let’s get back to the work, so I got up and prepared bitter guard juice, which was really boring, for my dad, and then he took Johnny for a walk, by then I cleaned the house and got freshened up and then was the breakfast making time. Relax!!! It was easy I made Maggie, then tea for dad, it was easy again, and of course I knew that. And then he left for his work. The rest of day went on computer except for one time, when I had to get up to prepare lunch for myself, sis and dog, And after having it, took a two hour afternoon nap and the evening was same as the last one except for cooking, today I made cabbage and it was properly cooked and my dad ate nicely too, so I was satisfied. The next days were the same, I tried my best to make something which I knew in the morning better, so I usually made Maggie, sometimes bread omelet, daalfry, etc. and at least the start should be good. And even lunch was fine since cooker had to do all the work. But evenings were really bad, bad because it was very difficult to decide which vegetable to cook, to be afraid whether dad will like it or not, but anyhow I did my job and most of the days I cooked cabbage because I was comfortable with that but on the alternative days we had non veg, as we are not suppose to eat non veg on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, my family members couldn’t escape the dinner from my hand  and of course you do need a good food to face tomorrow!!

The next four days were the same but the fifth one was new, from the evening. From the past four days, my dad was cooking chapattis, but they used to be as thick s the thin crust pizza layer, but we didn’t have any other option though, because I didn’t know how to make them and even I had to wait for him to come at 8’ o clock at night and then cook for us. So, I decided to take over that job too. But making the dough was still my sisters department as I was satisfied with her, in fact, she is great at this and I am really bad!! I did the rolling thing today and to be honest, they were better than dad’s, at least thin and comfortable to eat though again not cooked properly. Very soon I learned to make nice chapattis and then it was good for me as well as dad, now he didn’t have to spend 1 hour in the kitchen after the office, bathing in sweat.

In cooking I tried my luck with pizza too, but failed there. With so much excitement and interest I did everything from cutting the crust to serve, finally, when my dad tasted it he complained about the excessive salt…which ruined everything 😦 . I made four and all of them were too salty for him as he is a BP patient. So finally I made chapattis and gave it with morning’s cabbage. It was again a really bad and embarrassing night for me .The next day I decided to make it again. Just for him and this time he and I, both were satisfied.

Then, one day I made egg curry which was really very tasty, my dog himself ate two chapattis and my dad had five. I was so happy. I felt a bit confident about myself in the kitchen nowadays. The next day, my friends were about to come home, so I had to plan for it. And I decided to make pulav with daal and soybean gravy…and guess what happened!!!When I served everything, daal was still hard so I had to make them wait and even soya bean wasn’t cooked nicely…I don’t know what happened to them but for me I got diarrhea.

Then, other things were fine I guess. Those were a bit good days for me when dad went to Austria for a week, good because I was free to cook whatever I want and whenever I want. But was worried because Austria was a very new and foreign place for him but we remained in touch through phone and mails. And on my dad’s return I made chola for him and they tasted well. I started feeling great and proud of myself because I was doing everything so responsibly. I had never been such a responsible girl in my 16 years. Before this, once more mom did leave us and go for one month to her mom, but I was in 8th class and used to live in Navy Nagar, so it was easy to get everything. Dad was in the head of the ration stores, so he used to get everything and then there were always two to three packets of bread at home so breakfast was not a big issue and moreover, things were cheaper at that time so we didn’t have to think before buying anything. But today conditions have changed; dad leaves home at eight in the morning and comes back at eight. Here market is very far away and buses are very rare and auto charges are too high and because of hike in prices, there is  always a confusion in what to buy and what to not. So I have to take care of such things now.

After my sisters school started, work load increased for me, now, the things which she used to do, I had to take care of. When she remained at home, her work included- sweeping, getting drinking water, drying up clothes, readying dough for chapattis, make lunch and again the same for dinner, to make salads and carry everything to the dining table. But since her school has started I am doing everything, including mine, plus getting up earlier to make lunch for her!!

But responsibilities are responsibilities. Things are getting really irritating now. I no more enjoy it, because it feels like a boring routine.

Imagine everyone, if you don’t have a maid, your mom does so many things for you and in return we have nothing to give back.

I am very happy that mom is coming in seven days; I will be free from all this hectic things and will go back to my old lazy life. Actually her main aim to go was to make me realize my responsibilities and to give a chance to learn everything as I am a girl and undoubtedly I will have to handle a family one day. And congratulations, she succeeded, I know almost everything now, and Thank you to make me good at cooking. But a part of me is feeling pity for my mother. The things which I learnt, experienced and realized were really amazing. If my mom wouldn’t have left me for a month I would have never be able to realize how difficult it is to handle a house, a family, to take care of everyone’s need. The things I suffered in these three weeks made me realize how much my mother does for us, and without a single complaint, as soon as she will be back she will take charge of everything but now, I don’t want her to do such thing because I know how boring and restless this life is I have experienced exactly in fact less than what mom does .I had my sister and dad to help me and sometimes I even escaped one or two tasks but she would never do and never does it. She has to do, her things including the things which we all three did, with these, she even takes care of dads health, keeps everything clean, prepares food for four instead of three and goes to market. Alone and gets ten to fifteen kg’s of vegetable alone, spends money carefully, runs here and there whenever there is some paper work. It’s really great and sweet of her to handle each and everything so smoothly without any argument and still she is the best lady I have ever seen. Seriously, hats off to her. I will try my best to lend my helping hands from now onwards and take care of her till the time I can.

I love you mom, come back soon.

Miss you.

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