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Regret it,but correct it

MHT-CET result came out today,and I lost whatever hope I had. 

This year I applied for four entrance exams of which I gave only three.Why I didn’t give the fourth one is, because it required minimum 80% in your 12th standard whereas I just got 78.8%,so lost it.And then the other three,lets start with the first one.

IITJEE,all of you must be knowing how difficult it is to crack and if you are successful in cracking, your life is set.I never wanted to crack IITJEE because everyone wanted to do it…but still I wanted to crack it for myself, to know where I belong and to try my luck in engineering.I didn’t go for any coaching classes like my other friends who spent money in lacs for two years to prepare for IITJEE. But at the end I decided to go for crash course because I didnt want to sit idle in the exam hall.At least I should do something,so just to get a basic idea,I joined a coaching centre which was a three-months course but I could go for only one month because the rest of the time I was busy preparing and giving board exam,and wasted my dads Rs,23,000.I really feel guilty for doing this.But now I can’t do anything.I didn’t qualify,nor did my friends, except for two.Just got 37 marks out of may be 500,please don’t laugh now…so this is what I did with IIT exam.Next is AIEEE, I had some hope from it but I had never given such negative marking exam, except for IIT JEE and that’s why I lost a lot but anyhow I was  able to cross the cut off and now eligible for counseling but the marks  I have got are not so good to get a good college,still I am waiting for counseling.Lets see.And  today, MHT CET result ,screwed up everything.I scored so less marks.Now it is impossible to get a good college,even in Mumbai.

Before giving the exams and after filling the application forms I always dream of getting a college far away from my  home and close to a place which ahs got scenic beauty, a  place where you can relax, breathe pure air and feel your presence in the rush of this world..more than studies I wanted it for peace.But I just dream,I never worked hard enough to get a college of my choice.And now,when I feel for colleges, they say No seats available for you. This is so bad…Now I feel like taking a years drop but I know I am not interested in engineering and definitely I will do nothing next year also.

After all, people learn from there mistakes.I was totally unaware of IITs and NITs, until I heard about it from my friends after one month of my 11th standard…but even after knowing, I didn’t prepare for it ,in fact didn’t study for 12th boards also,distracted by somethings.But now it is too late to regret but not to make corrections.That is why, I have decided to study in whichever college I get…just to obtain a degree and meanwhile,prepare for IIM entrance exam. I am sure,if I will work hard, I will definitely get into it and I will show it to everyone after four years.

I just wish myself Good Luck and ask God to bless me so that I can concentrate on my studies now.

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