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My boss is my friend now…I guess

I can’t believe this. Though I was expecting such a thing from him but it would get true and that to so soon, I didn’t know…

Such a pleasant surprise for me, for the first time I am getting a job because of my writing skills.

I have been working on a site; it’s like some answering thing, from the past six months, and it was great, though boring sometime but I don’t know why, but I really liked it in some corner of my heart of course one primary reason is, I was getting money but it is a primary reason…there was something else to may be I was getting a chance to sit on computer for hours and I love doing that.

When I started this job I violated most of the rules and followed the guidelines very less—took shortcuts of making points faster, in fact first session passed that way and I scored good but from the second session onward the difficulties I faced were …impossible. Most of my answers got disapproved and I fell down in the list and later when I talked to the administrator he told me the reason—copy paste and violation of guidelines. I did have many arguments with him, but at last I gave up because I was wrong and he was my boss. Once again, when I saw all my friends from the same working group got prompted and I remained where I was I asked him about why didn’t he promote me too and what he replied was,” Let’s face it. You haven’t been in the league of those members who follow the Guidelines seriously… do you agree?”It really hurt me that day, badly…such a cheater and now, was facing a loss. Finally I started again and slowly my writing skills got improved. And finally from last I again started securing good points and now I am good at this work.

But the point is about the job offer which I got from writing.

After I started following the regulations properly I started interacting with my boss, the administrator through Gtalk and slowly we became friends. I am writing this friend without asking him…hope he doesn’t get angry, at least I consider him my friend. So, I don’t know, but he got impressed by my writing skill and that’s great. I have always wanted people to appreciate my writing and he did, the one who is my boss. Tonight when I signed in today to Gtalk I saw his message,”I have sent you an important message check it”. But it was not there, I told him the problem and asked him to send it to the other id and found it. I left my mouth open when I read it. Immediately I replied him a yes and told him how I was feeling. This email was not alone which made my day …actually I got it at night, so night. What happened with all this was he talked to me so nicely, added humor to his replies and for the first time I felt like I am chatting to a friend and not a boss. It is really feeling great and this post is just after all that conversation…I want to read my mail and my chat with him again and that’s why I am leaving now…

Sorry If I hurt anyone through this post!!!

By the way one more thing, this is a motivation and encouraging offer too. It will surely help me in improving my vocabulary and will help me in getting newer ideas. I am really thankful to you sir…This world needs people like you who can motivate young talent.

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