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To Rissy

This post is dated 22 March 2011 and is 100% genuine.


You know I am too tired to write this but before the wave of emotions slide back…I want to engrave it for ever and ever and also a good excuse for updating my blog.  By now, I have listened to the audio for 6 times… I know it’s too much, but I can’t help it… it’s always a pleasure to listen good things about oneself 😉

Let’s come to the point now…

Let me begin from the beginning for those who still haven’t got any clue of what I am talking…: P

Dearest Rissy,

The audio really made my day. You know when you took out the cell phone with cords I started wondering if you have recorded ED (Engineering Drawing) notes, because you usually use your cords for notes and not music. But when I asked you and you said, “No”, then I thought how can YOU think of music that to right in the second lecture 😛 😛 …and when you offered me the cord, I thought, apne sath sath mujhe bhi padhayegi 😛 😛 … I didn’t even expect it would be anything like this and as you started ( in the audio ), my pulse rate increased, because I usually keep myself away from emotional things, I don’t like showing my sentiments because I really don’t know how to put them up in a descent way. But before I could do anything, tears had filled my eyes and you know the rest…it was simply heart touching, I too feel the same for you all, its just I cant express it :-/

(Today was, OOPS!! Is still, Rissy’s birthday, her 19th birthday… and technically we should give her presents, though  opposite happened, she gave us all a delightful return gift.)

Rissy, I did go to the market yesterday to buy something for you. But I didn’t find anything that you would really appreciate, then I thought of treating  you with Chinese Bhel , but you know that Juinagar-Nerul  confusion… wo bhi nahi de pai :-/ Anyway your gift is due, will give you as soon as I find anything appropriate for you.

(The return gift is the main topic here. Rissy had recorded in her own voice what we, all her friends, did for her and how important we are in her life. She has mentioned even the smallest of smallest things. And it’s really really sweet. )

Rissy, you started the communication and a communication cycle completes only when the sender receives a feedback. (Communication Skills)…The way you didn’t say to me directly, I am too replying in a very formal way…

You have called me wonderful, selfless and blah blah…Its very kind of you, I am just flattered .But you didn’t understand me properly I guess. I help you and never argue or just say nothing when you guys finish my Tiffin because, that’s what I like, I always want to keep my friends and others happy…I take life very lightly, I find joy and fun when I see others enjoying. That’s where my pleasure is to see my friends smiling …so if you see from that perceptive, I am selfish and I am good only to you, I don’t know what others have to say about my friendship with them and I have also broken many hearts .I don’t find myself as good as you have made me. . In fact, your words reminded me of the times when I left you alone, when I hurt you (if I did, I don’t remember any). You have made me more conscious now, you know I have to take care of each and every step I take, just to not alter your thoughts for me, its very difficult for me now to be around you, since I have realized that you notice each and every thing we do 😛 but you are one of my closest friends and I will try my best to keep aside what all remarks you have made or else I will end up showing off too much.  But you gathered a lot of courage to say all that stuff and also I don’t want to ruin your effort for recording …so, thanks for all the adjectives. I am sorry if I ever, ever hurt you or disappoint you or just prove you wrong in future. It was just too overwhelming (Its an honest feedback, don’t consider it diplomatic, OKAY J )…By the way, don’t expect me to concentrate and work hard in studies because I would disappoint you there. You asked us to tell or “Bura” stuffs about you, right? Here we go!!!

Rissy, I have been with you from the past…at least  8 months and all I have realized is, you are all about studies, you are very smart and intelligent,  but you don’t have time to show it though its very clear to everyone, and also you just underestimate yourself. You are an amazing girl. Simple, kind, patient, generous and anything… I say would be less, you are just incredible, only piece on this earth.. We always ask you to bunk lectures but it’s because of you, that we are able to finish maximum of our syllabus. I just love the way you teach or explain things. You know you are so good at this job that a person can completely rely on you, without referring any book or even professor (no wonder, you can never rely on professors).

What else??? You are very sweet Rissy, You are one of my closest friends till today. Actually all my friends are equally special so I can’t say anything which would make you feel different from the rest. I leave this for Divya, Pushpali and Yogita :P… really sorry L

Just keep in mind that you are very very special for me and I am always there for you, anytime, every time J I have plenty of other things to write, but that’s a surprise ;). You will have to wait for few months. And ya, the beads, they are really working I guess, Thanks a lot for them. Thanks for encouraging me and motivating me when I am low. J

If I missed anything, you will find it soon but not now, later.

With Regards and Happy Birthday Once Again…

Your Stupid Friend


Remember forever 😉


Such a monotonous letter, had to take help for synonyms, I don’t know much…MS WORD really rocks!!!

Okay now, Goodnight Sweet dreams

If I have made any mistake, I am really sorry.

Couldn’t upload the audio due to some format problem. :-/




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